Status quo


"Status quo,” those words ring in my ears

"Status quo,” those words echoed in my loins.

I had no choice but to agree

And yet indeed, I disagreed

I know I can’t, I wish I could,

Could break that thing, that status quo.


You want to stay "in the state of things" that was before.

Before I told you that I wanted you

Because I told you, "I want you."

Before I told you

I don’t want to go back to "before."

I want us to go to "after."

After I show you, I want you

After you show me you want me too.


You want us to go back to the way we were before.

It’s too late for me; I’ve gone too far

It’s too soon for you, I’ve gone too far.


"Status quo" I hate these words

I hate you too for telling them

I hate me even more, for agreeing to them

I didn’t put up a fight then, I won’t put up a fight now.

"Status quo,” I need to get to the status quo.

"Status quo,” I will comply with the status quo.

But I’ll despise myself for that

I do not want that status quo.